Even the most sophisticated playbook remains useless when the team doesn't train for its use. This is even more important for your situation management as there is much more at stake. We offer both standardized and customized trainings and workshops that will suit your needs.


We know that your and your employees' time is valuable. The well-balanced use of different training techniques and a maximum of inter-active elements ensure the effectiveness of our trainings ranging from a one-hour refresher workshop over a one-day intensive course to a full one-week course programme. Of course, we also support you in developing a recurrent course programme that will keep your staff ready to respond over time.


Training Modules

The following training and workshop modules can be booked separately or combined with other modules. We make sure that all trainings are consistent and effective regardless of your choice of modules.


Crisis Communication Training

  • Definition of a crisis
  • Basics of crisis communication
  • Specifics of crisis communication (for different sectors e.g. nuclear, aviation, chemical, all critical infrastructures, financial, pharma, diplomatic, etc.)
  • The command & control system
  • Logistics (e.g. infrastructure for media centre)
  • Audiences and stakeholders
  • Key messages
  • Channels
  • Specifics of social media
  • The dark site
  • Best and worst practice
  • International aspects of crisis communication
  • Etc.



Risk Communication Training

  • Risk, hazard or threat?
  • Definition of risk
  • Case studies
  • What influences your stakeholders risk perception?
  • Do's and don'ts in communicating risk
  • Risk communication before and during a crisis
  • Etc.

Media and Camera Training

  • Basics of media relations
  • Understanding the media's needs
  • Appearance and body language
  • Pitfalls of choosing an interview setting
  • How to react to tricky questions
  • How to bring across your key messages
  • How to respond to a media ambush
  • Camera training*
    - Soundbite interview (recorded)
    - Live interview
    - Down-the-line interview
    - Phone interview
  • How to conduct a press conference
  • Etc.

*available as video training or in cooperation with a professional camera team.


Decision Making Training

  • Different levels of decision making in a crisis
  • The Decision Making Cockpit: Learning from pilots
  • Decision making models
  • Etc.


Exercises are a quintessential part of all preparedness programmes and situation management systems. An effective exercise will not only help your team to better understand the significance of what they learned in the training, it will also reveal the weak spots in your arrangements. Only what has been exercised will be applicable in a crisis. We support you in conducting effective exercises with only a minimal disruption of your daily business.


We offer

  • call-out drills.
  • multiple-choice exercises via email.
  • table-top exercises (starting from 90 minutes duration).
  • full-response exercises.

Depending on the extent of the exercise you want to conduct, this includes

  • the development of a realistic scenario.
  • a master injects-list that will confront the participants with challenging situations.
  • the coordination of a simulation cell that reacts on actual developments and keeps the exercise going.
  • multi-media injects (social media simulation, tv news simulation etc.).
  • an after action report with an evaluation and recommendations for improvements.